Ethical Leadership

Apply the frameworks described in Wilkens’ Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics to practical situations, both real and hypothetical. Students should: • Describe the prevailing value/ethical system in a company for which you have worked. o Describe a situation in the organization that raised ethical concerns, how it was resolved, and provide an assessment of the process. The situation could be a moral dilemma, a matter of employee discipline, or a legal matter, among others.

There are five ethical dilemmas linked below. Select two for your use in this part of the paper o Select two ethical perspectives/theories from the Wilkens text; i.e., Kantian and Natural Law ethics; o Analyze each dilemma from the perspective of both theories; Focus on the process of the decision-making … how do each of the theories impact the perspective or view of the moral dilemma? Are different questions being asked? o Determine a legitimate conclusion (or two) for each theory; o Compare and contrast the process and the outcome/decision(s) • Considering each of the theories in Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics, which one is right for you? (Choose Situation Ethics CH. 10) Why? o This should be a relatively deep dive, covering the following questions, at minimum: o How is this theory/perspective congruent with your worldview or faith perspective? o Where does it differ? o In what situations do you foresee difficulties in applying this ethic? o In what situations do you see this ethic being particularly helpful?





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