Ethics in Humanities

Please read carefully… There are 2 assignments… 1st assignment-Identify an artifact that embodies or refers to ethical values, and write a sentence stating what the ethical connection is. Examples of such artifacts are provided in the resources this week, but they may also be found in literature, other forms of music, live performing arts such as theater, and other visual arts.
2nd assignment 7-4-1 Worksheet: Relationship Between Human Creative Expression and Culture, Part 2 Open the worksheet that you worked on earlier this week. Review the article Making Asian American Women Visible: The Joy Luck Club and complete the second table using information provided in this activity.
In the first column, identify an example from the article demonstrating how Tan’s novel reflects the experience of a particular ethnic group. Then, in the second column, find an example in the article that appears to be part of universal human experience and not limited to Chinese American culture.
Based on the description in the article, what influence might Tan’s novel, and similar artifacts, have on broader American culture? Can you think of another artifact that has had a similar impact?
Link to Article: https://www.huffpostcom/entry/making-asian-american-women-visible_b_6177570

Sample Solution