Ethics of The Matrix

Write a philosophical analysis of a film using one or more of the theories or concepts discussed during the term such as epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy. You can focus on the theme of a movie (overall message), or a particular character(s) or scene(s). The Film must be fictional. Suggested outline: I. Introduction, II. Plot summary of film (1 paragraph max), Ill. Philosophical theory/concept(s)found in the film, IV. Conclusion, V. Sources cited. Recommended films: The Matrix, Dark City, Avatar, Blade Runner, GATTACA, Ghost in the Shell, Groundhog Day. (Film must be fictional). Format requirements(for either option):1. Your paper needs to be at least 500words (at least 2 pages), double-spaced, 12-point limes New Roman font.Your paper should have an introduction and concluding paragraph.2. Your paper should be well written, organized and easy to follow. Use standard English, correct grammar and spelling. 3. You must use at least Two quality sources from the internet. Do some google searches. Wikipedia (or any online encyclopedia) is an okay place to start, but do NOT cite Wikipedia as a source in any form of academic writing. Do not cite from a blog or personal web site. Use legitimate online news or academic sources like The New York limes, Time, Newsweek, other newspapers or any academic source. If you have any questions about a source, ask me.Cite your sources in a ‘Sources cited” section after your concluding paragraph where you list all the sources (two minimum) that you used in the paper. Keep the citation format simple: for each source list the title, author and date. If you’re using a web page list the title, author, web address and date you retrieved it.

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