evaluation of a public speaker

You are to listen to a speech outside of the classroom,on the computer. The speech will allow you to make connections across academic disciplines outside of Communication Studies

A. State the name of the speaker.
B. State the date and location of the speech.
C. Present the speaker’s credentials.
D. Explain how this speech connects to your own personal or academic learning experience (e.g., is it relevant to any of your other coursework here at LaGuardia?).
E. State your thesis which should offer an evaluation of the content and quality of the speech.

A. How did the speaker gain the attention of the audience in the introduction?
B. Did the speaker establish credibility? How?
C. Did the speaker state a specific purpose? How?
D. What was the thesis statement? Was it clear?
E. Did the speaker include a preview of the main points? If so, what main points did the speaker list?
F. What types of supporting materials (examples, statistics, metaphors, analogies, narrative, definition, comparison, contrast, testimony, vivid images) did the speaker use?
G. Did the speaker provide clear oral citations?
H. List some transitions the speaker used.
I. Discuss the effectiveness of the conclusion.
J. Discuss the speaker’s use of language. Was it clear, concise, creative, grammatically correct, and vivid? Did the speaker utilize poetic techniques such as alliteration, repetition, parallelism, figures of speech, metaphors, or similes?




Sample Solution