Evaluation of the current political climate related to health care

Explain the following in details and separate your answers as 1a,1b and so on. Include at least 3 to 4 examples with supporting detail. The in-text citation is very important and your reference should be in APA format. Points will be removed for any improper format.
1a.Provide an evaluation of the current political climate related to health care and define how the DNP can positively impact through policy or advocacy. 1b.ln creating a new community-based health program, what program development model would you use? What recommendations would you employ for making the program development successful? 1c.How can large, aggregated databases be used to improve population health? 1dProvide an overview of the program evaluation model and health promotion theory you will use in your proposed community project. Explain your rationale for your choices?
1e.Provide an analysis of your surveyed community and what health-related community need is present. Define the methodology of the health improvement program you will use to solve this problem also include a time line. Include any higher level of care management and policy decision that APNs who work in the community would need to be partner with either community-based consortiums or health care policy makers.





























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