Complete the following activities, according to the guidance given to you by your tutor / assessor. Underneath each task below you will find the criteria that you may partially or fully meet if you complete the task to a good standard.

Deadline to complete this task is: 2 weeks after attending your workshop for this unit with MNR Talent and Skill Development Institute, UAE

Task 1: [Assessment Criteria [1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1]

NB: AC 2.1 is a BE ABLE TO AC and will be marked in written as well as Professional Discussion.

a. Outline the current legislation for child protection in the UK.
b. Outline the current legislation for child protection in your own country.

• Evaluation these current legislations (a and b) work to protect children. evaluate how these documents affect your day-to-day work with children and young people.
• Explain how the safeguarding processes that your setting uses complies with other legislation regarding data protection, information handling and sharing.
• Explain why inquiries and serious case reviews are required and how sharing of findings affects practice.

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