Excel correlation matrix

Compute and report the correlations among the following six variables. Copy and paste the Excel correlation matrix into your Word doc.

How worried are Americans about infection? Use “very” time series.

How worried are Americans about the economy? Use “very” time series

Do Americans approve of Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis? Use the “disapprove” time series

“Last Price” time series

“Total Deaths” time series

“Dow Daily Index” time series

Treating “Last Price” as the “y” variable (data is in red) and the other five variables as the “x” variables. Use multiple regression to do the following:
Please answer the following questions:
Copy and paste the Excel Regression output into your Word doc.
Interpret the slope for the two variables Worry over Covid infection and Dow Ind. Average Index
Which predictor (“x”) variables if any are statistically predictive of “Last Price”
Compute and interpret the explanatory power of the model R2.
What criterion in regression are we trying to minimize when we estimate our regression model?
Write down the population regression model.
What are the assumptions we make when we estimate a regression model?
Requirements: Answer all the questions sufficiently

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