Exploring a museum

For this assignment, you are to pick one of the following museums and spend some time exploring its site. Be sure to read about the museum’s history, mission statement, and search the collection.

Option 1: Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture GardenLinks to an external site.

Option 2: Museum of Contemporary Photography, ChicagoLinks to an external site.

Answer the following questions in paragraph format:

What museum did you pick?
Where is it located?
What type of art does it feature?
Who established this museum and why?
Once you have obtained some background information on the museum, pick one object (painting, sculpture, decorative art object) from the collection and write an analysis of it. Be sure to discuss the formal elements as well as contextual history and information of your chosen object. You want the reader to have a full understanding of what the object is, what it is about, and the context in which it was created.

Sample Solution