Aim: Aim is to explore the Performance management on relational coordination on healthcare outcome.
I am not sure on the number of pages needed here. But I want two major things here to finish by this Sunday or maximum with in 7 days form today next Tuesday. SO kindly we need to finalize and process.

Part 1, Table of studies
1. A table of studies that illustrate all studies of relational coordination on healthcare outcome. ( It is know that Relational coordination is growing to its impact on healthcare outcome – there are different studies show the impact on patient satisfaction ( happy with the service etc), some on patient care ( happy with service etc), some on quality and efficiency ( finance saving, reduce error, length of stay etc) and more are growing on employees as their engagement, well-being- burnout satisfaction etc).
2. A table of studies that illustrate all studies of Performance management on healthcare outcome. Especially the related to relational coordination outcome. Either on patient care, the quality and efficiency and employees)
2.1, Performance Management on Saudi healthcare outcome.

I want the table to include a summary of the studies,
(Author and date), (aim and objective) , ( the methodology – including sample size and context and approach), (Finding and limitation).

Part two: methodology.
The methodology is consist of two quantitative and qualitative approach. The qualitative is interview questions performance management and the justice category to influence relational coordination perspective and the healthcare outcome. I am interested in developing a method that i can apply to measure the impact of performance mangement on relational coordination from one side and the impact of performance mangement and healthcare outcome from another side. The justice theory is significant here. I want to aim for 4 hospital located in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. All are Governmental institutional. From the list of table of relevant studies it will create an understanding on the method that can be approached. The performance management is seen as a process, a way of implementation and an outcome of the process. The process is determined with the practices around how its implemented. The process is how the performance are dealt with or communicated or proceeded. And the outcome is more of how the rewards are distributed. In addition, The justice also determine the relationship toward healthcare outcome as well. The methodology section is to help in making this approachable. I believe that at this stage between 6-10 pages are enough for the methodology to guide through the setting, sample size and some measurement tool needed to put in the survey. So I believe that this section require a relevant methodology approached to answer the aim of this research. Apply justice category to impact on relational coordination and healthcare outcome. Finding will help to see if they reinforce one another or there is a connection.

So i believe the first part need around 3-4 pages to put the studies. ( up to the writer to illustrate)
Second part need around 6-10 pages for methodology and questionnaire tool. Things in the questions are something like ( engagement, satisfaction, wellbeing- burnout and quality and efficiency).
The context is healthcare of Saudi Arabia
Hospital are governments.

please advice so that we can discuss the second steps.

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