Export Marketing Plan.

 Write an Export Marketing Plan using the sample plan found on pages 468-469 (Module B) of the text. Research a particular country and product you wish to export. Complete the plan for a profitable expansion of a United States company and specific product to that country. This project should trace the entire process from beginning (research) to end. Include graphs, charts, indices, references, etc., as appropriate (see note below). A good place to start would be to revisit Module/Chapter 13. Prepared in a Word document, it is common that this paper will be  of 9– exclusive of the APA Format Cover Page and Reference Page. The primary objective is to master the concepts and theories learned throughout this course.

 Note: Please use Canva https://www.canva.com/

to prepare your graphs, charts, etc. It is suggested that you use 3-5 graphs, charts, or indices to support your Export Marketing Plan.

 In addition to your textbook, you should use a minimum of three additional outside sources. The emphasis of this Export Marketing Plan is in the quality of your paper; no premium is placed on length.

Suggested Sources – please research for others:


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