1. Investigate the literature and provide simple definitions for self-care, mentorship, and resiliency.
These definitions will inform subsequent preventative care wisdom strategies. For example, how might your investigation operationalize “preventative self-care plan”? In other words, how would you define “preventative self-care” so you would know what it is and how to pursue it?
2. Dr. Ron Hawkins has emphasized a core directive from our Lord in his discussion of soul-care: “By your patience, possess your souls” (Luke 21:19, NKJV).
• As people involved in the health and wholeness profession, dig deep and seek to understand what our Lord was saying in that particular context and discover how this directive might inform the process of becoming more healthy today—physically, emotionally, intellectually, and relationally. Use commentaries, journal articles, web-engagements, etc. to inform your response to the Discussion Board Forum 1 prompts.
3. In what ways will your hallmark purpose service the process of developing and managing your life as a contemporary ministerial student?
4. Investigate the following articles and web-engagements and describe key notions and techniques that would help you with self-care and mentorship in the pursuit of developing personal and professional resiliency. What you discover will likely contribute significantly to Discussion Board Forum 1.




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