Face Inversion

Number of subjects: 46 participants
o # of people that participated in this experiment
 In most data formats, each row is a participant, so the data will have 47 rows (46 participants + the column headers)
o In the Jamovi output, your descriptive statistics should have the “N” (number of subjects)
• Study phase (or inspection phase)
96 images total
 50% were faces/houses
 50% were upright/inverted
 Note: the images’ orientations were all the same in the study phase as in the test phase (e.g., if an image appeared upright in the study phase, it also appeared upright in the test phase)
o Each image was presented for 2 seconds
• Test phase
o Participants were shown two images at the same time
 One image was old (previously presented during the study phase)
 One image was new
o Participants required to click on the “OLD” image using the mouse

• Experimental design:
o Independent variables (or factors):
 Two: Object type and Orientation
 Number of levels per factor? Two
• Object type: Faces, Houses
• Orientation: Upright, Inverted
 Between-subjects, within-subjects, or mixed-factorial? Within
o Dependent variable: Error rate, or percentage of incorrect responses—that is, the percentage of trials in which new (not previously seen) pictures were wrongly identified as old (previously seen)

Sample Solution