Critically analyse and evaluate the factors affecting copywriting and information dissemination in an
advertising campaign.

Demonstrate the research undertaken by advertising communications specialists.
Write for a range of print and broadcast outlets, working within legal and ethical frameworks

Choose a brand that used copywriting material to transform the brand from a “name” and “face” into a
brand with a unique “personality”. Show visual examples and critically analyze the copy materials. Identify
value and tone of voice and explain the strategic theory used in it.
You will then need to write a radio advertisement copy for the same brand while insuring that you keep the
same personality traits and tone of voice used in the examples you have demonstrated. The radio copy
should be written with a professional standard using the correct radio script format. Explain the techniques
you used to write the radio script.
1- Identify the chosen brand three values and the tone of voice
2- Critically analyze at least four copywriting examples (any media form) of the same brand with a
unified and unique personality and tone. (Explain the tone of voice used and the reason behind it).
3- Explain the strategic theory (lecture 2 and 3) the brand uses in its copywriting, identify the reasons
behind the chosen strategy.
4- Using your own words, write a radio advertisement for the same brand with the same tone of voice
and personality it uses. While insuring that you use the proficient radio script format.
5- Explain the techniques used in the radio copy you created, and state the reasons of doing so.





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