Fahrenheit 451


Purpose for Essay

  1. Demonstrate close readings of the assigned texts and a connection with the theme of the course.

Writing Prompt

Write a two part essay:

Part 1 is “reading with the grain” (2 pages)

Focus on the obvious themes of Fahrenheit 451 by answering the following questions:

What is the novel about? Provide a one-paragraph summary.
Why did Ray Bradbury focus on censorship and books?
In what ways is the theme of Fahrenheit 451 relevant to America and Los Angeles today and how is it different from the time period it was written?

Part 2 – Reading against the Grain (3 pages)

For the remaining three pages, you will introduce your own analysis of Fahrenheit 451 using a critical theory you’ve chosen from the Discussion, Choosing a Literary Critique.

The tone of this second part is basically, “I’ve introduced the obvious themes of Fahrenheit 451, now I’m going to uncover a new way to read it.”

You will not receive a passing grade if the bulk of your paper is summarizing the novel. You should only reference the novel if there is a quote or detail from the story that can be used to support your thesis.

You are also free to use any of the assigned readings and discussions to develop your essay. In fact, you’re expected to support your argument with evidence from the personal, academic, informal, popular, and literary sources.

Requirements for Essay

Essay must be 5 pages, no more, no less. Failure to complete and submit this essay will result in a drop from the course. The 5 pages does not include your Works Cited page.
The essay must incorporate MLA citation format for the first page header, page numbers, and have a Works Cited page.

The structure of your essay is not about just coming up with a thesis statement with supporting points; you are writing an extended and focused argument. Nevertheless, use the critical reading strategies to carve out your ideas from the assigned readings.

Finally, you will submit your essay through Canvas by the deadline. Please make sure you read the policy on plagiarism. Since you all have completed English 1A, you should know how to provide citation and documentation for direct quotes, summaries, and paraphrases that you use from outside sources.

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