Fairly Tales Analysis

How do the Grimm Brothers’ “Little Red Cap,” Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves,” And Tanith Lee’s
“Wolfland” function as differing tales of empowerment? You may take into consideration Charles Perrault’s
“Little Red Riding Hood” as well, but this is not required. Who (or what) is empowered in each tale? How?
The essay must include a discussion of the titles, the first sentences, and the final sentences of all three tales!
In developing your analysis, you may wish to consider some (or all) of the following:
Pedagogical agenda of each tale
Structure and tone of each tale
Language of each tale
Gender roles in each tale
The role of nature in each tale
TIPS: Must have a thesis statement. The thesis statement presents the argument of your essay. Each
paragraph should have a topic sentence. The topic sentence presents the argument of the paragraph. Be
concise and precise. No repetition. If using other people’s ideas or language, must document the sources
appropriately. Do not use too many sources.

Sample Solution