Fantasy Book for preschoolers


  • Book title, author, illustrator & copyright date. For preschooler • Refer to Table 6.1 Categories in Modern Fantasy (page 148-149) & identify the category of your book. Describe specific examples from the book and state why you think it fits the category? • Refer to textbook page 157- “Criteria for Evaluating Modern Fantasy. • Setting- Does the context of the story describe a fantasy world that is detailed and believable? Are there multiple settings? Describe the Fantasy setting/settings in detail. • Characters- Do the characters behave logically and consistently throughout the story? Are the characters animals or inanimate objects with human traits? Describe the characters in detail. • Plot- Are the events in the story imaginative while also being logical to the world where the story takes place? Are the imaginative events consistent throughout the story? Describe the plot in detail. • Refer to textbook pages 156-157 and Unit #11 notes titled “Suspending Your Disbelief While Reading Fantasy” Describe how the author has created a Fantasy framework encouraging readers to suspend their disbelief. Give examples from the book which will cause the reader to suspend their disbelief. Do you think children would suspend their disbelief while reading this book? Why, why not?


Sample Solution