1. What would be the effects of Brexit decision to the British consumer behavior for 25-35 aged working class and 60+ retired consumer behavior separately?
2.find a brand which communicates two different brand identity at different markets regarding the targeted consumer segment difference and elaborate.(like Kia example we discussed in the class)
3. What was the restructuring tool behind Axe brand we discussed in the class and please describe the concept. Why did the brand need that?
4. If a market is hardly growing and highly concentrated by 3 supermarket and discounter retailers (i.e. 75% of the market; each with 25%) how would the supplier effects be regarding promotion management, negotiation, profitability and consumer pricing.
5. Please describe regimen promotion concept with an example. What are the possible benefits and disadvantages of it?
6. Sort three factors and explain why they would boost the rise of private label.
7. How would you compare each element of the Customer Economic Model of BIM (hard discounter) and Migros (supermarket). (depending on the facts mentioned during the class)?




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