Federal Grant

Using the website below, select a federal grant to a state government, local government, tribal government, institution of higher education, or nonprofit organization. The memo should address the following questions:

What is the authorizing legislation? Include date of initial authorization, dates of subsequent major amendments, and a statute citation.

What, if any, programs pre-date this grant program? In other words, are there predecessor programs? Who is the granting agency at the federal level? Who gives the money?

Who is the administering agency? The administering agency is who receives the grant. What kinds of entities are eligible to receive the money? Please address whether the administering agency is also the service-deliverer or whether the money is passed through to another program or agency.

Is it a categorical or block grant? Is the categorical grant a formula-based grant or project grant?

What is the purpose of the grant? Is there a problem to solve? A condition to be made better? What are the objectives of the program?

Who are the beneficiaries of the grant? Discuss the recipients of the benefits. How does an individual become eligible to be a recipient or beneficiary of the grant?

What are the conditions or regulations of receiving the grant? Describe the administrative requirements placed on administering agencies and service providers. What reporting is required? What conditions must be met to be eligible for receiving the grant? Are there any unfunded mandates? For what period of time are grants given? How frequently must funding be renewed?

How much money comes to the state? This may be the most difficult information to find. This information may be obtained from the interview with the administrative official, website of the granting agency or state/local government agency receiving the funding. Attempt to find funding for a three-year period. What is the trend in funding over that period? use headings and subheadings to organize.



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