Federal policy for ENLs changed since 1968

1-How has the federal policy for ENLs changed since 1968?
2-In what way has the Obama administration enabled states to work around NCLB and why did they encourage this action?
3-What is the CCSS? How do these “ next generation” of standards and assessments differ from those required under NCLB, and what are the implications for ENLs Which consortium does NY belong to, and how has its membership led to changes for ENLs?
4-What minimally should be included in any program model for ENLs. Why are these components critical? What can result if one or more of these components are left out?
5-One of the major issues involved in meeting the unique needs of ENLs is whether or not they should be taught in separate classrooms or programs. This consideration raises the sensitive issue of segregation. When might separate classrooms or programs be needed?

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