“Fiction” writing

Link: https://variety.com/2018/film/news/sundance-we-the-animals-1202683237/

Research on “fiction” writing. What is fiction? How is it different from nonfiction? Please explain. Ask questions if you still have any after your research.

What is flash fiction, specifically? Please define it in your own words.

What is the definition of a novel? Please define it in your own words.

What is Gender Studies and Queer Theory? How does it influence the way you read We the Animals?

Read and respond to We the Animals.

What is your initial reaction to this novel?

This is another powerful, beautifully written book with many important characters, traumas, and conflicts. What details, images, events, characters, anecdotes, or pages of the book made an impact on you, and why? Be specific.

Why do you think the author chose to write mostly short chapters? What effect does this style have on you as a reader?

Analyze We the Animals by discussing at least 2 of the following writing techniques: imagery, plot, symbolism, setting, vivid details and description, characterization, historical context, or any of the other techniques defined on our class document titled “Literary Analysis: Using Elements of Literature.” (You can find that document here: https://mcphs.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/content/file?cmd=view&mode=designer&content_id=_479064_1&course_id=_19884_1&framesetWrapped=true

What challenges or frustrations did you encounter? What questions do you still have?

Sample Solution