Field Experience

Describe the school and the setting of your observation, and give background information about the teacher whose classroom you are observing. 2. Describe in detail the exceptionalities of the students in the classroom. 3. Describe the languages and cultures represented in this setting. 4. Describe the verbal interactions of the teacher with at least four different students. You do not need to reveal the names of the students. You can refer to them by their initials, but give some general details about them. List and describe significant non-verbal interactions between these students and their teacher. 6. Describe the curricular material for these four selected students. 7. Describe the instructional style of the teacher. Report on how much time the teacher spends in large-group instruction, small-group instruction, supervision of students’ independent work, and on non-instructional duties. 8. Report on any work that you are permitted to do with one or more students. Give details about this work 9. Summarize the observation and describe how valuable this visit was for you. Also, how does this special education classroom compare to special education classrooms in your own school or ones that you may have visited in the past? Reflect on what you have learned from this experience and how it will help you become a better teacher.




Sample Solution