Figurative Language, Irony, and Tone (Hurston)

For this paper, I will have you analyze one of the poems (Hurston) from the reading list. For this assignment, I
am allowing poetry (see Reading List for song suggestions) because the use of language devices in poetry is
less subtle than it is in fiction.
The final draft must incorporate at least three direct quotes using MLA documentation and include a Works
Cited. When citing poetry, give line numbers.
Use the following outline to help you organize your essay.
Introduction (Give the title of the story or poem) and the author’s full name; write a summary or brief explication
(include poetic terms if necessary), and then conclude with a final sentence to include the central idea.
If you use a short story, follow the introduction guidelines for Papers One and Two.
In one body paragraph, discuss the use of tone, the dominant elements contributing to tone, and the
relationship of tone to the theme. Use adjectives and examples from the poem to describe the tone. Also, note
any shifts in tone.
In 2-3 body paragraphs, discuss at least three language devices as they relate to the poem or story’s central
idea. Examples of language devices include: personification, simile, metaphor, diction, irony, allusion,
symbolism, alliteration, etc.
Conclusion: First person is okay in the conclusion only. You can reiterate the central idea, discuss how you can
relate to the story, etc. Just make sure that you use proper logic and grammar.
Instead of narrator, refer to the voice in the song or poem as the speaker or songwriter.
Works Cited

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