Filmmaker’s decisions on “The Novel”

With Chapter 5, “The Novel,” from our texthook, Adaptation, as a guide, write a thesis-driven paper that analyzes the adaptation of
The End of the Affair. Your paper should model the methods of John Desmond’s two analyses in the chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird
and A River Runs Through tt. The River Runs Through it enalysis is presented in the five-section essay format that you would normally .
use for this assignment.
in this paper, you must define the relationship between the novel and the fiim—and this statement must be the paper’s
thesis. Also, the paper must apply to the adaptation at least three of the filmmakers’ techniques discussed in the chapter and
organize the body of the paper so that each technique is thoroughly analyzed.
In analyzing the film adaptation, answer these questions from the chapter:

  • “How has the filmmaker transposed the story while still allowing the audience to recognize the story?”
  • Which of the fiftean “Fundamentals of Novel Adaptation” outlined in the chapter has the filmmaker used to adapt a _
    Particular scene or scenes and how have the filmmaker’s decisions changed the story and its major themes? a
    « What techniques of camera work and editing did Jordan use to affect the adaptation strategy of the scene(s) a
    you choose to analyze?
    « How do the filmmaker’s decisions alter the major themes of the novel, and how is the story’s theme(s) affected by _
    his/her decisions?
    « Finally, is this a close, intermediate, or joose adaptation of the novel? Why? Make a cogent argument.

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