Final Projection Ideations

The first stage for the final is to begin by proposing a subject that lends itself to a multi-page/screen
typographic design containing different textual treatments (lists, diagrammatic, timelines, poetry,
digital/interactive text) supported by some imagery. The subject is your choice and you will supply the content –
text and imagery (either found or created) however their should be a narrative aspect to it whereby ordering,
timing and transitions are considered.
A project proposal is a conceptual overview of your project that defines the subject, clarifies the goals, defines
a target audience and context for the final piece, establishes what media you will use and what content
resources are necessary. Propose your strategy of how you will realize your final project by answering the
following in outline format with these FIVE areas:
What is your project? – title and subtitle, brief subject summary, define 3 goals, define content
Who uses it and why? – define target audience, why do they want to read it/view it/use it?
Usage Profile
How is it used? – does content lend itself to a certain size of booklet, any technical considerations (folds, cuts,
inserts, etc.)
What are its components? – imagery (photos, maps, illustrations, and/or diagrams), text (quotes, lists, poetry,
short story, song lyrics) What research will you have to do to acquire imagery and text?
How will you realize your project in the pre-determined schedule ( I have already provided your schedule
below)? – define tone, look and feel, break subject down into logical units, establish hierarchy of importance for
sequencing and continuity.

Sample Solution