Financial sector’s safety

Chapter 13 primary question: Summarize the history of the banking sector in the United States (from the Civil War to today). Be sure to comment on the chartering system, the legal environment/major legislative changes, and the degree to which banks are getting concentrated.
Chapter 14 primary question: Describe the safety net that has been established for the financial sector and the consequences (positive and negative) that this safety net creates.
Chapter 15 primary question: Summarize the “stability” objectives of central banks and describe how they meet those objectives.
Chapter 16 primary question: Describe the special role of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.
Chapter 16 secondary question: Describe the composition and role of the Federal Open Market Committee.
Chapter 17 primary question: Detail the relationship between the Monetary Base and the money supply mathematically (defining all the terms as necessary) as well as verbally. Be sure to use realistic assumptions regarding the desire of people to hold cash and the desire of banks to hold excess reserves.
Chapter 17 secondary question: Summarize the assets in the Federal Reserve’s Holdings (making sure to distinguish between the traditional holdings and those that are not traditionally held.)
Chapter 18 primary question: Explain inflation targeting and its more specific application, the Taylor Ru

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