First Impressions

Confirmation bias is an interesting phenomenon; it explains people’s misplaced confidence when evaluating
someone’s character based on first impressions. If people allow their first impressions to be challenged, there
is a chance that subsequent information will compel a revision. However, not everyone is willing to change their
first impressions; somehow, their belief in being a good judge of character is threatened if their impression
In this case, there is a resistance to new information that may challenge what they already believe is true. They
will likely focus only on details that confirm their first impression while ignoring those that do not. This is why so
many insist that, based on “sound” first impressions, they are excellent judges of character. Clearly, this is not
necessarily so.
For this Discussion, you will consider a personal experience regarding first impressions and apply social
psychology theory to explore how impressions form quickly and persist.

Sample Solution