Focus on Modification through Formal Policy Analysis

Part of the modification process involves the analysis provided by government agencies. It is useful to be comfortable navigating various government sites to find information you need. In this assignment, you will explore both an executive branch agency, and a legislative agency, to see their analytical input on the policy making cycles of two specific policies.
Word Count: 300 words
Visit the following web pages and read the publications:
• Medical Devices: FDA Should Take Steps to Ensure That High-Risk Device Types Are Approved Through the Most Stringent Premarket Review Process. You do not need to read the entire GAO document. Focus mainly on the summary (or Results in Brief), including the recommendation or areas for which most of the assignment questions can be answered.
• H.R. 2, Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009
These publications describe communication from government agencies (the Government Accountability Office and the Congressional Budget Office) urging particular positions in regard to existing policies (classification of type III medical device safety and authorization for Children’s Health Insurance Program, respectively).
For each topic, answer the following questions:
• By what authorization is the agency analysis being offered?
• What existing policy is the agency addressing? Please provide name and short description.
• Is the agency taking a stand (if so, what is their stand) or just offering information (if so, why)?
• At what stage of the policy cycle was the agency analysis offered? Briefly explain.
• As of today, what has happened with regard to the modification?
• Who benefited from this modification (patients, providers, insurers, government)?
• Describe one impact a modification achieved by this proposal would have on an acute care community hospital.

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