Present a total of three representative artifacts for the categorical topic you signed up for.
Your project presentation will include:
1. a short summary of the foundational knowledge about the topic;
Example: if your categorical topic is food, you will discuss the general overview of food associated with samurai-era Japan. You may have your own focus of discussion, but the primary goal of this summary is to inform your classmates the big context of your chosen topic.
2. three or more multiple-choice questions to test your classmates’ comprehension of the foundational knowledge after viewing your presentation, and;
3. A short paragraph each to justify your artifact selection: how the selected artifacts demonstrate important themes (values, mindset, spirit or attitudes) of the Japanese culture.

This week, we will have a small simulation to perform #1 and #3 on one cultural artifact of the United States. You will briefly explain a notable characteristic of the United States, based on some culturally meaningful object or practice. Consider it as a virtual show-and-tell of the American Psyche/Mindset/Ethos/Spirit to foreign audience who know little about America. You will be showing a concrete object/practice to discuss an abstract idea about “Americanness”.

Note: If you are an international student and are not very familiar with American culture, you may select to discuss the culture of the country you came from.
Audience examples
Your company sent you overseas on business. You meet Japanese business associates there.
You go to Japan on an exchange program and meet Japanese people who want to know about America.
You become friends with International students on campus.
You are hosting an exchange student at your home or a new immigrant at your church.

My topic is food at home , and i’m a Chinese student, so please stand by my situation and select to discuss the culture of Chinese, thank you!
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