Food Macromolecules and Popular Diet Trends

For this assignment you will be studying common diet programs (e.g. Atkins, Keto, Mediterranean, etc.) that focus on certain macromolecules while reducing the consumption of others. You will also read an article on how vegetarians and vegans supplement the protein needed in their diets when they cut out meat and animal-based products. Finally, you will compare qualitative and quantitative tests and estimate concentrations using a standard curve.

Research and describe a popular diet program. State the common name of the diet and indicate it’s advertised or desired effects (e.g. weight management, disease management, food allergies, metabolic performance, improving condition of a particular part of the body, etc.). Write a brief summary (3-4 sentences) on the main differences between your chosen diet program and a balanced diet that includes all food groups in moderation. Be sure to indicate which foods (and which macromolecules) are specifically avoided or incorporated into the diet.

Sample Solution