Foreign market entry.

Task 1
a. Provide an introduction on the foreign market entry. (Means the student should provide brief discussion on selected country)
1) Where is the country located?
2) What is the population of the country? (6 Marks)

3) The main income source of the country.

b. Why did you select this country to open your branch? (4 Marks)

c. Provide brief introduction on your company and services or product that you will provide in the selected country. (5 Marks)
d. Provide two names of your competitors in the foreign country.
(5 Marks)

e. What do you think the challenges that you will face in the foreign country provide to challenges with brief explanation. And how you will come over it.
(10 Marks)
f. Students should consider focusing on CAGE framework to study the Cultural, Administrative, Geographic and Economic differences with respect to the country they want to invest in.
Student should provide 2 in-text citation on each element according to the selected country.

Some points that you can discuss on CAGE, you are not limited to this you can add more if you want.

Cultural: – people`s language, values, behaviors and quality of life.

Administrative: – Rules and regulation related to the business in selected country.

Geographic Distance: – The size of the country, differences in climates, and nature of transportation and information networks. You can think of geographic distance as absolute, in terms of the miles or kilometers that separate a firm from another market or supplier.

Economic:-Income level, and the relative purchasing power and GDP of the country.

(40 Marks)
Format of the report (title, table of contents, spelling & grammar, format of the tables and charts etc.)
Referencing: appropriate referencing style is adapted. 6 referencing should be provided.
(10 Marks)
Task 4 :- MOOC Reflection (10 Marks)
Total 90

Rules & Regulations:

• All resources should be cited using CU Harvard style.
• The final assignment must have a Title page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography using CU Harvard Style and page numbers.

Sample Solution