Forensic Evidence and Serology

Q1. Nowadays, individual species testing in the forensic lab is only used under special circumstances. Using any resources you have at your disposal, write a brief description (about ½ page) of an old (pre 1985) forensic case where species testing MAY have been necessary or useful. Such cases may include mass disasters, cases of bestiality and animal cruelty as well as forensic wildlife cases.
Q2. Name the components of blood that are forensically significant and describe their forensic significance.
Q3. Using the phenotypic frequencies for a given population presented in the table below, what percentage of the population would you expect to have the following blood type: ABO group B + EAP subtype CA + Hp subtype 2-1 + ADA subtype 1 + AK subtype 2-1+ and PGM subtype 2-1.







Sample Solution