Forensic Science in the News

Find an article from a reputable source (news paper, TV news show, journal or magazine). Blog posts, unsubstantiated opinions from your friend’s facebook page, and podcasts by non-forensic professionals are not reputable sources. The article can talk about forensic science as a discipline, the application of forensic science in the real world, or the use of forensic science in a case. If you find want to submit something from a news source that is in a language other than English, that’s great but you will need to submit a translation – and it needs to be a real translation, not just a quick run through google translate. You can submit the translated version as your article, or you can submit a translation you’ve done yourself. Try to use something that was written within the last 3-4 years – the more current, the better.

Summarize the article/episode
Discuss the forensic aspect(s) of the article. For example, you can draw parallels between what you have read and what you have learned in class, or perhaps talk about how forensics was applied to this particular case. You can also offer your opinion about the forensics of the article, but the opinion needs to be about the forensic part of the article and not anything else.

Sample Solution