Foster Farms 2014 Salmonella Chicken case

Summarize what happened, when it happened, and who was affected (include number of illness and/or deaths) -How was the company affected by this event? Did they go out of buisiness? Did they get away with it and fool everyone? -What contaminant caused the event? Explain how this contaminant caused harm. Was it on purpose? -What caused this event to happen (What went wrong?) -What would/might have prevented this event from happening and/or reduced the degree of harm generated? -Did this event cause rules or laws to be changed or enacted? If yes, what were they? If yes, was it one of the events that led to a new law or was it a direct main cause? -Did this event change public perceptions or expectations? If yes, how? -If you were in charge of food safety for a similar company, what are three rules you would put in place to prevent a similar event from happening again?

Sample Solution