Foundations in Social-Emotional Development Objectives

Foundations in Social-Emotional Development Objectives: Participants will become familiar with the content and language of the social-emotional foundation and sub-strands. STEPS: Respond to the questions below and organize your answers on the discussion board. Each question is organized into one of the sub-strands of the Social Emotional Foundation. Give brief answers. Questions: 1. Sub Strand: Interactions with Adults How do you interact differently with adults you know and those you do not know well or are meeting for the first time? 2. Sub Strand: Relationships with adults Are there certain adults that make you feel supported? How? 3. Sub Strand: Interactions with peers What do you feel you learn from social interactions today? 4. Sub Strand: Relationships with Peers How do you interact differently with close friends and acquaintances? 5. Sub Strand: Identify of self in relation to others Describe briefly your strengths and challenges in relationships with others. 6. Sub Strand: Recognition of ability What things are you competent with? 7. Sub Strand: Expression of emotion How do you best express your emotions? 8. Sub Strand: Empathy How do you know what your friends are feeling and how do you normally respond? 9. Sub Strand: Impulse control Describe a time when you wanted to interrupt a conversation or task that someone was doing and stopped yourself from doing so. 10. Sub Strand: Social understanding Discuss how you have learned the value of understanding that people will sometimes act differently than you do.
After you answer the questions independently, reflect on the following questions and post your answers by Sunday: Did any of you discover any differences in your responses that were the result of cultural variation? Can you describe these? What are some ways that cultural variation could influence the ways in which we see children’s development relating to these sub-strands?






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