Foundations of Business

Paper details
Wells says “. . . a steady growth of knowledge and a general clearing up of men’s ideas. . . .” Explain how this
affected politics and business.
Describe the role played by the “private gentleman” in the rise and resurrection of modern business and
scientific thinking.
Outline the connections between metallurgy, machinery, and industry according to H. G. Wells.
Explain how the revolution in machinery impacted transportation, and transportation impacted business.
Explain when and where the first humans turned their knowledge to questions about Society.
Number your answers.

  1. All answers must be in complete sentences. For example, “Because of the Industrial Revolution” is
    not an acceptable answer.
  2. Begin your answer by restating the question. For example, if the question is “How is this reading
    relevant to the study of modern business,” then your answer should begin with something like,
    “The reading is relevant to modern business because…”
  3. Most assignment questions can be answered in 2-3 concise sentences. Questions with multiple
    parts, or questions that ask you to compare/contrast multiple ideas will need to be longer.
  4. Answers must be based on facts and concepts from the readings. In limited cases it may be
    acceptable to state your opinion, but only if that opinion is followed by explanations backed up by
    the assigned reading. You will not receive credit for simply stating your opinion without evidence.

Sample Solution