Four forms of business plans

You are about to start a business. The type of product or service isn’t that important. However, if you ever thought about starting a business, now is the best time to think about it. This writing assignment is intended for the student to examine possibilities, weigh the factors and make solid choices on the organizations strategy starting from the very beginning of business creation process. In starting your business answer the following questions:
How will your business be formed? Discuss the four forms of businesses. Choose the form of business that you would be mostly likely form under and compare/argue why this form better suits your needs over a one that is less favorable to your business model. In your business you will be faced with many Ethics and Social Responsibility issues. Determine how your business could become unethical or lose ground on your corporate social responsibility. Explain your methods for sustainability development and discuss why one of these best fits your approach to CSR and your management style. Describe the measures; you as CEO are willing to take to prevent conflicts of interest in your organization. Describe how will you build a diverse work force and explain how you will manage the needs of the business and the regulations of the EEOC. Discuss the different theories of management styles. Which one best matches your preferred method of

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