Fracking position

Critical Thinking Assignment — CHMT 100 Fracking Position paper Sources: Watch the following videos that illustrate two different viewpoints on hydraulic fracturing (fracking): https://ww.ted.comitalkstboone_pickentlet_s transform_energy wilh_natural_gas?language=en (Note: Gasland is a 1:43 documentary that was funded by HBO films and is available on youtube through the link above. You do not need to watch the full documentary — two clips give the basic premise of his argument and can be found htlps:// and Scenario: In 2050, You are a farmer and own 10 acres’ farm land in Indiana. Your farm is located in the suburban area of Indianapolis. To meet the huge demand of fuel, BP (British Petroleum) is eager to expand their business. BP is on big move to search new orgasms sources Recently, they discovered that a huge shale orgasms source is just beneath your farm. BP offers you an unbeatable price to buy your farm. Your farm will become a fracturing oil field soon. Based on your research about hydraulic fracking, you know quite well about its advantages and disadvantages.




















































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