First, if you have a car, please take an opportunity to drive the 110 Pasadena Freeway from the 1-5 interchange into Pasadena. Share with us your impressions of the Arroyo Seco Parkway, our first in Los Angeles! This isn’t required, but it’s a great exercise and it’ll tie into our follow up discussion.
The 1956 Federal-Aid Highway Act and the accompanying Yellow Book were arguably one of the most important pieces of federal legislation and policy decisions to impact our urban history. Provide a general outline of the 1956 Act and its implications for a city like Los Angeles. As part of your response, you can take a long look at the Act’s impact, such as urban clearance and its effect on certain communities. Or perhaps the relationship to air quality in the city. Use a quote from any of your readings to back up your point. (Warning: please do not refer to Wikipedia or other online sources here–I want to see that you’ve done your reading and have a scholarly context for your response.)
— Let’s talk parking. After all, the end game of driving is always parking. What are the key issues with parking suggested by Robert Gottlieb? What are your views about the role parking provision plays in our current automobile-centric city? Finally, visit a journalism website and see if you can find a recent article about parking and the debates surrounding congestion. For example, you could go to the Los Angeles Times website and do a search for key words like “parking” and “congestion pricing” etc.






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