From Impressionism to Cezanne

It is often said that modern art begins with Impressionism, and that Cezanne, by taking Impressionism in a certain direction, is the gateway to all of Modernism. In this essay, you will develop and demonstrate an understanding of both the work of the Impressionists and that of Cezanne. You will then apply this understanding through an analysis of a painting. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will have a better appreciation for the Impressionists, and you will have some sense of why many consider Cezanne to be the most important painter of modern art.
Part 1.
Give an account of the Impressionist painting style, by drawing on Gompertz’s chapter on Impressionism. Consider: what makes it so new? why is it considered such a radical break with the past? You can use google for help, but your main reference here has to be Gompertz’s chapter on Impressionism.
Part 2.
Explain what Cezanne owes to Impressionism, and, more importantly, how he paves the way for so many modern art movements after him. Your main reference here has to be Gompertz’s chapter on Cezanne. Secondly, choose one of Cezanne’s paintings and analyse it in detail, demonstrating its originality and how it paved the way for future art movements.

Sample Solution