Functions of a HR Talent vice President for an Accounting

Scenario You are the HR Talent vice President for an Accounting firm that has just made an acquisition In the HY metro market rou now win have 4 offices rn the area. One in NYC with 200 employees, Melville -tong Wand. Pasanna -NJ., and Stamford- Com Each of the 3 satellites has 50-75 employees. 80% of your employee base are accountants You need to hire 18 new accountants for next October to start. These are what are cornnway referred to as first yr. associates as they usually are working in their fins job after graduating college (but this 6 not • set in stone rule). Half for NYC and 3 for each satellite office. They are all required to have 4 yr. degrees in Accounting and the targeted starting salary rs Mk plus 4k bonus the first yr. All benefits are standard/competitive to the industry. The business allows wort at home 2 days a month during non.busy season. You consider your firm a leader in the middle market right after the Big 4. You compete with Marcum. BDO, Mazar, isner/Amper, Remick/Cohn, and Friedman for local talent. Please develop a strategic plan to recruit 18 Accountants for entry level roles. You must have all hires made by April 1, 2019. You Naive a 2011 budget and 1 regional recruiter and 1 administrative stall to support.
Your plan must include:
1. Where will your firm recruit (provide details and As)? 2. How will you market or solicit resumes (will you advertise, where, and what will it cost)? 3. What are additional requirements you will set for this position (GPA, work experience, other, etc.) 4. How many candidates do you think you will need to interview and why. 5. Provide S important interview questions. 6. Who will do the interviewing, how many interviews and logistics (where,when,how)? 7. How will you decide on those to be offered a position? 8. How will you keep them engaged, or “warm”, form offer to start date?
Make sure to include answers to each of the 8 elements required

























































































Sample Solution