Fundamentals of User Experience Design (UXD)

Q1:Describe in details any 3 fundamentals of User Experience Design (UXD). Use your own words but cover the elements discussed in the class.

Q2:Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which Produces Better ROI? List out 5 benefits of Digital Marketing, explaining in your words, how it is better

than Traditional Marketing?

Q3:List out at least 5 (you can do more if you have time) Online Business Models available to businesses and give example for each of them, explaining the

differences among them

Q4:Name the 4 pillars of search marketing funnel? Explains in your words some of the topics/ideas related to each of these pillars as discussed in the class.

Q5:Describe any 4 Link building strategies discuss in the class in relation to Search Engine Optimization, why they are important and how you can you use them

to optimize your search results.

Sample Solution