G.R.A.P.E.S. PowerPoint

  1. Chose a civilization covered in the textbook.
  2. Create a PowerPoint that provides the following information on that civilization:
    a. geography
    b. religion
    c. art and architecture
    d. politics
    e. economics
    s. social structure
  3. GRAPES (geography, religion, art and architecture, politics, economics, and social structure) is the prism
    through which we view history. Your PowerPoint report will look at one of these civilizations through that prism.
  4. Cover the material in an interesting way. Check out this quick guide to making PowerPoint slides:
    https://learning.linkedin.com/blog/design-tips/5-best-practices-for-making-awesome-powerpoint-slidesLinks to
    an external site.
  5. You will be graded on
    a. covering all six areas–geography, religion, art, architecture, politics, economics and social structure
    b. the visual attractiveness of your slides–use pictures, maps, and documents to enhance your slides. Don’t
    just use words on a page for every slide.
    c. the accuracy of the information presented
    d. timeliness of submission
    e. inclusion of appropriate embedded video
    f. inclusion of works cited

Sample Solution