“Gang Demographics”

There is no uniform nationwide timeline of street gang emergence in the United States

Serious gangs first emerged on the East Coast in the 1820’s followed by the Midwest (Chicago) and West (Los Angeles) regions a century later, and in the South after another half century. In the more recent era, gang activity in America appears to exhibit a more uniform pattern. The National Gang Center (NGC) has tracked U.S. gang activity since its first emergence on American soil.

suggest three (3) reasons why the presence of youth gang activity varies across cities of different sizes. Next, propose three (3) ways we can reduce gang activity in cities that are drastically affected. Which of your proposed methods do you believe would be most effective? Justify your response.

Using your textbook, Internet, and Stayer databases state three (3) features of cities that best explains the rise in youth gang trends. Next, hypothesize two (2) reasons why these factors matter then evaluate the significance of your two (2) selected factors on youth gang activity.




Sample Solution