“…Planning is the first step of any project and it must be done carefully and in details. To make sure that each person of the group is following the steps and is up to date with work, we decided to use Ghant Chart which “provides a graphical illustration of a schedule that help to plan, coordinate and track specific tasks in a project” ( ). GSM Lions is formed of seven members which are responsible of different tasks that has to be monitored efficiently…..On the third week of the second semester, we formed new teams to work on our task and deliver our final presentation. My team named GSM Lions was formed of seven individuals named Daniel, Tarina, Naptisha, Suleymaan, Lionel, Jag and myself. After we completed the Belbin test, we acknowledged our strengths and roles which were helpful in building the team, tasks assignments and creating a strategy which would help us in completing our project.
Knowing that Naptisha is a coordinator and that she has experience in leadership, we decided to name her our team leader. Also, she took initiative in creating a Gant Chart and to record and update our progress.
Each individual has been assigned with a task in regards his/her skills and role. Myself being a teamworker, apart of the task which I have been assigned, I decided to create the final presentation which also came with the responsibility to check on the progress of my colleagues and make sure that they will finish they research in time so I can have the wright material. Daniel is also a teamworker and he was very helpful in building our team strategy as he came useful ideas like having a short meeting every week before our class. He also helped me in creating the presentation and his opinion was valuable.
Tarina was the only implementor of our Team and that was very beneficial for us, because she was one of the main person to decide on the final strategy that we are going to use. Along the process we discovered that her work needs to be reformulated and she reacted fast, which proved that she is efficient and a reliable individual of our tea.
As part of our strategy, we decided to create an online group for a better and efficient communication. Some of the top benefits of this group was that we could share materials and ideas and also offer help and support for any of our team members. Also, it was a great opportunity for us to bond and communicate better as a team at any time. Without it, we would be restrained to our short meeting on every Wednesday, which would not be enough. On the last week before the presentation delivery we had some unexpected issues and the fact that we could communicate through this chat we were able to solve them in time and all team members were aware of the situation. …”

You have created the Gantt chart for planning and managing the Professional Skills presentation preparation and delivery. In this evaluation:
• Explain the rationale for the plan you have created and analyse your contingency plan for the presentation taking into account specific strengths and skills of the various team members;
• Recognise where you may need to monitor your team’s progress closely and potentially allocate more time;
• Discuss the role of planning and managing the project, specifically in terms of the need to meet the deadlines and moving the project forward. (300 WORDS)

Sample Solution