Gao Yuans memoir Born Red

Based on your reading of Gao Yuan, describe and analyze the evolution of gender roles and gender relations
in the Cultural Revolution. How do women fare among the Red Guards?
You may only use Gao Yuan’s memoir (Note: It’s a memoir, not a
novel—a novel is fiction),
Evidence is key in historical writing. Your interpretations, and ultimately your thesis, must rest on actual reading
of the text(s). This does not mean that you should summarize or repeat the text; it does mean that you should
have a reason, based in your reading of the text, for everything you say. You can convey the connection
through brief quotations, or a paraphrase with a reference to the source.
Your paper must be typed in 10-12 point characters, double-spaced, and with 1 to 1.5 ” margins. It should have
an introduction and a conclusion, and whenever you switch to a new idea or point, you must provide a
transition sentence followed by a new paragraph. Spelling and grammar are important and will count in the
grade, so READ your paper before handing it in. DO NOT USE CONTRACTIONS (this way, you will avoid
such mistakes as writing “it’s” when you meant “its”). Spellchecking is NOT enough. A spellchecker will not
pick-up differences between “their” and “there” or “two” and “too”, etc.
You should cite the text when making a point, but keep the citation length at a minimum and give the page
number in parenthesis, NOT in a footnote. You do NOT need a bibliography.

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