Gen Z’s Characteristics and Buying Behaviors

Part A) Based on the article, discuss the following (2-3 paragraphs) (3 points)

What are the characteristics of Gen Z, and their buying behaviors, smartphone usage, and their attention to “thoughtful consumption” addressed by two articles?
(Part B) Based on the understanding of the articles and class contents so far, discuss the following (3-4 paragraphs) (8 points)

  1. Assume that you were a marketing research professional and wanted to understand Gen Z’s attitude and buying intention of CSR-driven company’s products.
  2. Narrow down and state your specific research topic in one or two-sentence.
  3. State your proposed marketing research method you want to conduct. Who would be the sample, and how many of them you want to do, and research method (e.g., qualitative or quantitative), finally, very specific method type (i.e., focus interview, survey, online or mobile) and why, and how.

Sample Solution