Gender Role Socialization

In order to help you better understand how ideas about gender roles are transmitted from generation to
generation, you are being asked to reflect on what you were taught regarding appropriate gender roles while
growing up. Directions are as follows:
1) Complete a 1 to 2-page paper- typed, double spaced, and in essay format. You can go over the page limit if
needed; there will be no deduction of points for this. I have provided a Sample Writing Assignment so you can
see the expected format for this assignment. The link is included below.
2.) Define gender role socialization.
3.) Think back to when you were a child. What were some of the things that your caregivers did or said that
shaped the gender roles you experienced (ie. toys, activities, chores, styles of dress or hair, terms used to
describe you, etc.)? Were/are there any areas that you rejected in attempts to socialize your identity as more
masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral? Use examples to illustrate your answer. If you had a sibling of the
other sex, were there differences in how your caregivers treated each of you? Explain.
4.) Identify areas where masculine or feminine stereotypes have affected your life as an adult today. Explain.
Do you generally accept traditional gendered roles and do you expect others to do the same? Why or why not?
Be sure to use examples to help illustrate your answers.

Sample Solution