Gender roles and Stereotypes of Woman in Fine Art and Literature

Order Description:Word length 2,000 words, excluding bibliography and citations
• Write an essay of approximately 2,000 words on a topic of your own choice:

  • choice of subject matter for the essay should be made in response to concerns,
    ideas and questions arising from your studio practice. However, this does not mean
    that the essay should be an account of your work and your motivations. Instead, it
    should be an exploration of one of the questions or issues that your work (or process of
    working) raises for you. You should use the essay as a way to reflect critically upon,
    research and develop those concerns.
  • Issues within the essay may be explored across a range of art works or practices, texts
    (theoretical and/or literary), objects and any other relevant cultural phenomena that
    might include, for example, film or music.
  • Wherever possible, the essay should include reference to ‘primary research’ – for
    example, a work seen in an exhibition or elsewhere sited, an event experienced or an
    original text read rather than a secondary interpretation by someone else.
  • Images should be included in the essay wherever they are appropriate to the essay and
    help to support and clarify the ideas that you are developing.Please reference, Sylvia Plath and the novels Wide sargasso sea and Play it as it lays in the essay and include how it relates to my studio practice which deals with the idea of the inconvenient woman.Also include references and information from the books “Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement” by whitney Chadwick and “Old Mistresses: Women, Art, and Ideology” by Griselda Pollock and Rozsika Parker

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