Gender, Soldiering, and Citizenship in the Mexican-American War of 1846–1848

Learn how to read and annotate scholarly articles/book chapters that relate to Chicano history. You will write a short 3-4 page response after reading the article/book chapter to increase your understanding of history.

Based on the reading assignment address the following questions in your writing assignment. Please adhere to 3-4 page limit, in paragraph format. You must also include two examples from the reading in your response. To cite, use “quotation marks” or paraphrase in your own words. Use parenthetical citations (author’s last name, page #).

  1. What was the article/chapter about? In your own words tell me what you learned after reading the source?
  2. What aspects of Early Chicano history does this reading relate to? In other words, how does this reading relate to class lectures, textbook readings, or class discussions?
  3. How does this source increase your understanding of Early Chicano history?
  4. What questions do you have relating to the source after reading and annotating the source?

Sample Solution