Genetic Modification of Crops

The goal of this project is to evaluate a current environmental health issue, discuss the control and/or mitigation measures currently employed and advocate for a systems approach in public health policy or practice to address that issue.This required research paper project is a 15-pages (approximately 4,500 words) document that should be double-spaced.Every student must choose a different topic.Topics are selected on a first come first served basis. You may wish to talk among yourselves about your selections prior to submission to avoid submitting a topic that has already been chosen by a classmate. Here’s what you will do for this assignment:

Select the topic for your research.
Submit the topic. You should submit your topic to the topic discussion board area to avoid duplicates. The topic selection must not duplicate any other in the class. If it does, it is your responsibility to change it, the earlier submission taking precedence. Once a student posts on the discussion board, their topic will be considered ‘selected.’
Read the supporting article on how to advocate for environmental justice in your area of interest:

Sample Solution